Why haven’t I received confirmation of my order?

How do we place an order?

Where is your store?

Can we place an order through phone or email? 

I bought an Amintiri cake and it reached me in a damaged state. What should I do? 

Can we place an order from Zomato or Swiggy ?

Can we get a cake immediately?

What are your bestsellers? 

Can we have a message/note going with cake loaves?

How do we place an order for a customised cake?

Can we pick up the cake? Why are your delivery charges so high?

Why amintiri ?

How can I cancel or amend your order ?

Do you offer refunds on cancellations ?

Do we have vegetarian options ?

Do we have a keto cake?

What’s the sugar substitute in our sugar free cake ?

Do we have vegan cakes?